12 th holeHole # 9

Picture: Looking down the fairway from the Gold tee blocks
Yardage: (Gold) 422yds

Playing Hole # 9

The tee shot from the gold tee block is partially blocked by our "Eisenhower" tree. The right side of the landing area is visible, the left side requires a high shot over the "Eisenhower" tree. The blue tee deck, on the right side of the photo, is only partially affected by the "Eisenhower" tree. The white and red decks, which are further up and to the right, are not affected by the tree. The green, which is tucked into the side of a hill, is protected by large maple trees on the front right and along the back of the green. If the pin placement is on the right side of the green, it is only accessabile from the left side of the landing area. The green can be very challenging with a 10-15 ft. break from left to right. Approach shots that over shoot the green require a delicate chip shot, with many golf balls sliding over the front edge of the green and down the slope leading up to the front of the green.